Number Properties


If we are being honest, I would have to say number properties is NOT one of my favorite math 7 topics. I try to avoid just having my students memorize the definitions. Instead, I want them to know how to actually apply them to a math problem. While I typically only spend one day of class instruction on the concept, I constantly find myself bringing it back up throughout the unit.


I have used two sets of notes when teaching number properties. One set is digital, while the second set includes carousel notes. The digital notes include a slide of definitions, algebraic examples and numeric examples. On the second slide, students have to determine the number property that is being applied between each line. They will click and drag the property name to match the problem. These notes are available, for free, in my TpT store. Click on the image below to download the resource.

The carousel notes are a great way to get students up and moving around the classroom. Each student is given a notes sheet with the property names. They will walk around the room filling in the definitions and examples. I like carousel notes because the students aren't just sitting in their seats ignoring hearing me read the various definitions and examples. Instead, they are the ones responsible for finding the information around the classroom. This resource is also available in my TpT store. Click the image below to check it out.

Digital Notes

Carousel Notes


After taking notes, I like to use a word scramble activity to help reinforce the concept. This activity can be completed independently, with partners or in groups. Students will start with set A. Each correct answer has a corresponding number. Once completed with all problems on the set, students will add the answers together to find the set sum. This sum will be used to figure out the “secret” word for that set. You can provide each group with the word paper or you can post them somewhere around the classroom. Once all “secret” words have been discovered, students can unscramble them to figure out the motivational quote. Click on the images to check it out.

Word Scramble Activity

Online Activities

Like I mentioned previously, I felt the need to continuously review this concept with my students. I found that online games like Gimkit, Kahoot, Quizlet and Blooket were a great way to practice the concept. Click on the buttons below to check out these websites.

Entire Lesson Plan

If interested, I have an entire lesson on this concept. This lesson includes a problem of the day, three sets of notes, the word scramble activity, a practice sheet and an exit slip. Everything comes with an answer key. Click the image to access the lesson.